Our Sauces

Singli ‘Free From’ Curry Sauce

This great tasting sauce is 100% free-from Gluten, MSG, Lactose and artificial colours and preservatives. It is also shellfish free and free from nuts although we cannot guarantee contact with nuts prior to final production. Mixed with water makes 1 litre. (10 x 100ml servings).

Singli Slimmers Sauce

This mouth watering sauce only contains only 64 calories per 100ml serving. Ideal for those who are watching their calorie intake but tastes just as good as our other sauces. Ideal for busy families on the go. Makes 1 litre (10 x 100 ml)

Singli Curry Paste

Our original best selling Chinese curry sauce on sale 1987 is quick to make and tastes great. Great when you need your Chinese curry in a hurry. Make between 1.75 to 2 litres of sauce per 365g tub depending on consistency.

Want to send our World famous Singli Curry  taste to your friends and family?  Then buy online & we will ship direct for you ANYWHERE IN IRELAND OR UK.

Free Slimmers Sauce
Gluten Free Sauce
Curry Paste


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